Adding a "Family Ceremony"

Family Ceremonies
In a second marriage, it is often important to let children know how much they are loved and what an important part of the marriage and new family they really are.

For this reason, we can add a FAMILY CEREMONY to any one of our 1 hour wedding packages.
The cost is $35 and that can include them in the lighting of the unity candle ceremony by having them hand you the smaller candle to light the Unity Candle or if you choose to have a Sand Ceremony, including them with their own sand color.

Also, A Family Medallion Ceremony is available. After the Couple exchanges their wedding rings, the minister will call on the child(ren) to come forward and will talk about their role in the marriage and how important they are to you. We offer gold plated or silver plated medallions. This beautiful charm has 3 interlocking circles, one for mom, one for dad and one for the child representing how important each one is to the marriage and new family.

Typically, the minister will have the non-biological parent place the medallion on the child as a symbol of bringing them into the new family. The Family Ceremony with 1 medallion is $49 and each additional medallion is $35.

Ask your coordinator for details. Also, for a 'gift exchange' Family Ceremony, some couples bring 'gifts' for their children and present the child with the gift along with the Unity Ceremony. Again, the cost is just $35 to add a Family Ceremony.